Why strong people attract complicated relationships

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Scenario 1: Soulmates

In fairy tales, when two soulmates find one another, it’s a beautiful thing. But in reality, it’s rarely straight-forward. In fact, more often than not, it’s quite complicated. Why is this the case?

Strong people, as we know, are like strong magnets. They offer a strong shoulder: a strong shoulder that everyone wants to lean on. However, they can only support one person at a time.

Strong people attract weak people. They attract them because they have the strength to lift them up. And they enjoy doing it. They enjoy doing it because empowering others makes them even stronger themselves. Sooner or later, though, these people will also attract their soulmate. Their soulmate will be someone who’s often just as strong, and just as attractive, as them, but near enough impossible to reach out to. You see, a strong person has commitments of their own.

It’s stressful, and it’s exhausting. But it’s also rewarding to realize that there’s someone out there with whom you truly belong. Always think of yourself as a surfer – life doesn’t bring you any easy waves. Life prefers throwing demanding challenges your way.

’Why does this stuff always happen to me?’ you might ask. You know the answer, though.

In my previous book 250 Laws of Love explained how life will toy with a person. I talked about karma, and, also, about dharma, which makes conditions more difficult for us just as we overcome a hurdle. It’s as if we’re in a computer game. One small victory doesn’t mean the next stage will be any easier. On the contrary, it only gets harder the further we progress through the game. And this is why our achievements grow.

Two soulmates struggle to get together. Why? Because of higher levels of dharma. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as deciding to get together with our soulmate. Powerful people don’t just give up on a happy home overnight. Powerful people don’t just forget the fact that they have a family, simply because they’ve found someone else who might be right for them. Day and night, they struggle to decide out what they should do.

Paving the way to being with your soulmate is a massive test for any man. The longer men fail to act, and try to keep two relationships on the go, the more vulnerable and unhappy they become. It’s hard, isn’t it? If you want to know more about this, I recommend you take a look at my book.

Scenario 2: Healing relationship

Strong people have healing powers. They offer a comforting embrace, a shoulder to cry on, and a sympathetic ear.

This is why strong people attract those in need of kindness and sympathy; this is why they’re so in demand.

Strong people like being in demand. The benefits of these relationships are mutual; at least, until one person starts to abuse the relationship.

Of course, when relationships like these come to an end, the strong person ends up looking heartless. But there’s an important lesson they need to learn from this experience. There’s a big difference between GIVING UP ON SOMETHING and understanding that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

If we share things with other people, we mustn’t then lose those things forever. Otherwise, we’ll never share anything again; that way, we protect ourselves from losing out.

Strong people have the strength to end a draining relationship. They appreciate others, and understand their weaknesses, but they can also look forward. They know that when someone is draining their energy, they, too, are becoming weak. And if someone is draining them, one day, they’ll have nothing left to give. Not even to themselves.

This is why strong people have the power to end relationships. Only by doing so, can they rebuild themselves after an abusive relationship. This, too, is covered in my book.

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