Why strong people attract complicated relationships

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Scenario 3: Karmic relationship

My book explains just how karma works. For strong people, it’s worth learning as much as they can about karma, because powerful people are karma’s favorite tool. Relationships, alone, can turn a weak person into a strong person. When a weak person only has weak partners, their relationships will always be like the joining of two weak pillars. And two weak pillars will never build a strong, long-lasting, bridge. Whenever their bridge falls down, two weak partners repeatedly blame each other for its failure. They continually accuse the other of being weak. And, of course, they’re half right. What they don’t recognize is that they, themselves, are also weak. For as long as they fail to understand this fact, they’ll remain this way.

However, when a weak pillar has the opportunity to come together with a strong one, it begins to recognize its own mistakes. The strong person can help, because they understand what the weak one is going through – they’ve experienced it themselves. Nobody is born strong. A person becomes strong by overcoming their weaknesses. That’s right – strong pillars were once weak. It’s for this reason that strong people understand weak people so well.

Those who’ve been there, will understand.

Feelings, understanding, support, motivation, and inspiration… This is what a relationship with a strong person is all about. If the weaker partner simply uses the stronger partner, sooner or later, the stronger partner will leave (see the previous scenario Healing relationship). The weak partner may be happy for a while, now no-one is pointing out their mistakes and flaws. They may even feel like they’ve gained something through the process. But, sooner or later, the terrible truth will dawn on them: the person who loses out isn’t the one who gave the other power, only for it to be abused; it’s the person who drew on the other’s power, and threw it away, who loses.

It’s at that moment that a weak person learns, becomes wiser, and grows up. They become stronger. This is karma. It’s one of the many tools of the universe that keep us moving forward. Karma shows us our mistakes. Just like a mirror, it reflects our actions. And just like a rubber ball rebounding from a wall, it comes flying back at us, just as hard as we launched it. It’s good. It’s good because it’s the only way for us to realize that, through our actions, we hurt other people. And that… is how we learn.

© Petr Casanova