10 brutal truths we must accept if we are to succeed in life

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6. We all have the prerequisites to succeed

We all lose, from early age. If you look back at your life, you will see a series of failures you have overcome and learnt from.

From day one in this world, we all learn how to adapt to our environment, how to survive, succeed, improve. When we were tiny, not being able to walk was annoying, so we tried to learn. It was the same with speaking, drawing, folding, swimming, riding a bike… We managed it all. But the learning does not end with childhood. On the contrary, life’s lessons start as we step out into adulthood.

It’s not that life is full of obstacles. Life itself is an obstacle. Living means overcoming everyday problems. We manage numerous basic tasks without even realising it. And we can achieve more. The potential we have is often hidden from us and even more so from the people around us.

7. Not many people will support you on your journey

Bruce Lee’s parents did not want their son to be a dancer or a Kung fu fighter, and certainly not an actor. When the eighteen-year-old Bruce secretly entered the national cha-cha contest and won, his father told him off. This is when Bruce Lee said two key statements: “I am not in this world to live my life according to your expectations. The same way as you are not here to live according to mine.”

It is a paradox that being ourselves is one of the greatest challenges in life: To avoid assessing and judging ourselves through the eyes of other people and to understand that we cannot be happy if we live our lives according to the expectations, plans, and requirements of other people. To realise that the only consent we need in our life is ours.

8. The journey is always simpler without people who complicate it

I explained in the previous articles why I love losses and failures so much – how much hard times and falls help us recognise our true friends from our so-called friends. I am grateful for every “friend” that leaves to make space for someone better.

I don’t need people who discover about the best of me and leave. I need people who find out about the worst of me and stay. This is why I never give up on my dreams and my journey towards them. I know that I won’t be successful immediately. And that’s good.

People who don’t want to be with me when I fail are not welcome by my side when I succeed.

9. No success is valuable without a prior failure

The bed always feels the softest after a strenuous journey and success is all the sweeter the more bitter, burning, and sour failures we had to endure on the way. The greater price we have to pay to achieve something, the greater value the success has.

The great thing on the journey to success is that every new day is a new opportunity. When I want to see heads after flipping a coin and I see tails instead, I smile and keep flipping – until I see heads. Every unsuccessful attempt, step, or relationship fills me with joyous anticipation of the next step, and if the next step is successful, I will value it all the more.

We all value our health the most after we recover from an illness. We all see life the clearest through a veil of tears. We all value the smallest things after we lose them. Our faith is strengthened the most where we doubted yet learnt otherwise.

As Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, says: “Yes, I feared the potential failure in every stage of Amazon’s development. But not enough to make me stop walking.”

10. What has happened and failed cannot be undone

A single lie cannot be made right with hundreds of subsequent truths. One failure will remain in our mind and in history even if numerous successes follow. This is life and it is good. This teaches us to do everything, in every moment, the best we can.

Many people are discouraged by this fact and do not attempt anything. They don’t want to fail. This is why they don’t even take part in life’s games and simply watch the others, who are so “foolish” that they keep trying and losing.

However, those who lose find out where they made mistakes, and this brings them closer to the moment of victory. Seek and you will find. However, you will never find if you do not seek.

When successful people look back on their lives, they see many errors and failures. The nature of these failures usually makes them shake their heads in amusement. This is because they have grown significantly since then. If it weren’t for the mistakes and failures, they would never have learned and started winning.

Do not regret the steps that may bring you closer to your goal. Regret the days you have lost by not attempting a step forward. Regardless of what success is to us.

© Petr Casanova