Can love be awakened for a second time?

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1st recommendation: Never rely on someone who needs to decide twice if they really want you

I will tell you about one case. Perhaps you have experienced, or are experiencing, something similar…

A woman was between two men. The first man was her ex-partner. She left him, mainly to clarify whether she truly loved him. The second man was her new partner, a ferryman, who proved his love for this woman twice. For the first time when he accepted this woman despite her faults, and for the second time when he left her despite her virtues.

He left her because he wanted her to be happy. He let her return to her ex-partner. However, she was not happy. Winning back someone who needs to decide repeatedly whether they want you is no victory.

The renewed relationship with her ex-partner fell apart relatively quickly. This is hardly surprising since it was like bad gingerbread: eaten by moths from the inside. There is no point in returning to a relationship that has already died.

This is when she remembered her ferryman. He loved her! He was her security! However, she rang his doorbell in vain.

Never let a person wait, even if you know that they will wait. Because…, but we will get to this later.

2nd recommendation: Ask yourself “Do I understand the reason why I am waiting?”

Someone waits for love (in one of their partners) to reawaken because they miss the years they have spent together. Others cannot accept the words: “I love the other person more than I love you.”

This is painful. It hurts our ego, our self-confidence. We link the return of the other person with our self-worth.

However, pardon my expression, waiting is a trap. We can always find an excuse why we should wait for something. However, life differentiates between excuses and outcomes and excuses don’t count in life.

The most frequent excuses are: “I love him.” “I don’t want anyone else.” Many people call this waiting love. They think that the longer they wait, the more they prove their love.

However, love cannot be measured by how long we wait. Love is in the understanding of why we wait.

Is this what you are missing and what you are dreaming of? Ask yourself an essential question: Do I really desire this person the way they are or the image of them I have created in my mind?

I have dealt with many cases where I’ve communicated with both sides. Often, women wait for men who have broken their hearts. They believe that the men will realise this and come back. They believe that the men will begin to love them because of their love. However, having talked with these men, I have always discovered that if a woman is capable of loving a man who has broken her heart, she is the only loving person in the relationship.

Remember what Johnny Depp said – there is a reason why someone else entered his heart.

Therefore, we should never let a person waste our time for a second time. Never let a person say twice to us that they do not want us. Never let the same flame burn us twice.

Think about why you are waiting. Is it possible that you are waiting for an illusion, your dreamt-up image of someone, rather than the person the way they actually are?

How should one behave when love does not come a second time?

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