Can love be awakened for a second time?

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3rd recommendation: Be like a flower that’s not dreaming of a bee. It flowers first, and a bee comes.

The bittersweet fact of love is that you cannot force someone to love you. We can only wait to see if it happens.

They also know that someone who started loving us too late may realise in the meantime what they have missed out on. Indeed, people are like flowers. A flower does not wait for a bee. It flowers first, and a bee comes itself. However, would we expect a bee to land on a wilting or wilted flower?

I often ask people: Why are you wasting your time letting someone hurt you and make you unhappy day after day when there is someone else waiting to make you happy?

Smile at life. You will see that it will soon smile at you.

I experienced this during one meeting. The girl only needed to turn around. Before she knew it, someone new entered her life and made her understand how much love she is worth.

There is one prerequisite: You need to learn to love and respect yourself.

Then we realise (like this girl) that we do not need to turn back time to experience something again. On the contrary, we should not turn back time because love that has been killed cannot be reborn.

However, a different love may be born. We can enter a new river, as a new person. As a person who gave a lot to the wrong partner in order to finally appreciate the right partner.

© Petr Casanova