6 types of people that we should delete from our life immediately

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A Talker

(talks a lot but his acts never correspond to his words)

You do not have to remind business owners about these kind of people.. They know many such managers. 

This animal species has a highly developed tongue through which it says what we wish to hear. It is very good at talking. And it is easy to believe. But the words and ideas mean nothing, when the person who says them is not true to them. Then, they are telling us what they do not believe in themself. Because if they did, they would act on their words.

Why do these people have such an influence on us then? Why do we trust them more than people who act on what they say? Why do we like to gossip about successful people while hiding in a crowd of those that are unsuccessful? Why doesn‘t Petr Kellner deal with speculation and why doesn‘t he take anybody to court for slander? Because he does not even think about these people (that is why he is where he is). He knows that acts are quietier than words. Neverthless, acts always reveal the truth, whereas words can be lies.

Each of us deserves to have someone beside us who will give us hope and energy. It is always better to be alone than in the wrong company. But how do you recognize good company? A good relationship? It is not primarily about words. It is about heartfelt promises  fulfilled by acts. The language of the heart is not possible to hear, not possible to write, not possible to influence by distance and not possible to change over time. That is why anytime you want to listen to someone who purportedly cares about you, shut your ears. You do not need to hear what they say. Read them with your eyes. Judge them by what they do. 

And most importantly, except for the five senses, use also the sixth one, the most important one. The heart. Maybe it has been shouting out advice to us for a long time but we do not hear that advice thanks to the continuous promises of the talker. 


(Tends to make us suffer and feel guilty)

The methodology of life‘s decision making is easy:

If we do not like something, let´s change it.

If we cannot change something, let´s change the way we think about it. We can always change the way we think – it’s as easy as blinking our eyes. 

But if something hurts us on purpose, it is difficult to change, difficult to avoid. We feel miserable because of it, however, to be honest, it is our choice. 

It does not matter how badthe things that happen to us are, we can always make them even worse. Negative thinking makes everything worse. . Positive thinking makes things better. If we apply any of the two previous sentences to any event that has happened to us, we can make an average event into a catastrophe or a comfort.

A pesterer creates negative energy and doubts. If we think about it, the only limitation to our tomorrow are all the BUTs, which we say today. Things end up best for those people who do their utmost to change a situation. Negative people force us to either not act or to act and consequently regret it. These people stress the importance of things we have lost, rather than what has remained, which is what we have defended. They see what we have not achieved, rather than what we have succeeded in. They want us to constantly feel guilty. The mistake in their thinking is that we can never work with what we have but on the contrary, only with what we do not have. What we have is not to be criticised but to be appreciated.

A pesterer believes that a successful person is a person who has no problems. But that is a gross ignorance of the matter. Successful people live in this world; in a dimesion where we all have problems, Where we all face obstacles. Right now, Gates, Branson and Kellner are solving them. Success is not a state where there are no problems. Success is a state where we can handle the problems; and this is not possible with pesterers.Imagine what we could overcome if we approached it positively. Equally, imagine everything we would not have done if we had seen it negatively in advance.


(Prevents us from growing)

Achieving success is neither easy nor fast. It is usually a long and hard journey. It is a pity that only few people are able to stay the course. Only a person who forgets about their feelings during the journey and constantly reminds themmself of what they deserve will be able to do it.

There is no perfect moment to break the mould; to jump into the unknown, where opportunities are tested, mistakes made and experience gained. It does not matter if at the end there is a stroke or a slap from life. Either way, it is an experience.

I believe that when we look back at our whole life, we will see that everything worthwhile that we achieved was done by accepting a challenge. Only big tests can prepare average people for great success. Each loss can be a positive and provide a lesson. A new journey is not a waste of time if we learn a lesson and grow from it.

I think that we all understand this. Everybody understands when it is about themself. The problem is, when we are in a couple with a person who does not like us being independent, it is not an acceptable thought that we might outgrow them. They will do anything to make us afraid of being successful. They will be maliciously gleeful whenever circustances get us down. But a person whose goal is to be successful is like an arrow. In order to be able to shoot forward, they need to struggle a little; they need to practice. Anytime we have trouble, we should not panic. Things will soon work as they should. We just need to také a deep breath.

I will give you some good advice: Although you may go backwards, still keep your goal. 

Maybe soon you will understand why.

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