6 types of people that we should delete from our life immediately

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(Tries to control us)

It is always better to stand on the lowest step of a ladder, with your own responsibility, knowing what you intend to do, rather than swing uncontrollably from side to side at the top of the ladder, listening to somebody else‘s advice; where you are dependent on their experience and mood, and not knowing what will happen next.

Let´s not allow other people to talk us out of what we want, simply because they are „sure that our way does not lead anywhere“.Especially if they have no direct experience.

A man may think he knows best what is good for his woman, even though he has never been one; and it is the same the other way round. A parent always knows what is best for their child, although they have trouble keeping up with modern times.„Abroad is a nonsense,“ say people who have travelled very little. „University is nonsense,“say those who have not studied at any school. When these people have noting to do with us it is funny. After that it is sad.

Nobody can ever know exactly where their life are going. Not even a person who stays in the same place all the time knows what the future holds. Life is fair this way. If we look back, intuition has helped us make all our good decisions. All its cues seemed to be risky at the beginning. It‘s always like that. Intuition is nothing like a brain. A brain always recommends the safest and easiest way. A brain always thinks about what bad things could possibly happen. Intuition doesn’t do this. Intuition is positive whereas the brain likes to lie to us. It likes to tell us that if we do not do something, nothing bad will happen. Unfortunately, it leaves out the other half of the sentence; that nothing good happens, either. 

Intuition does not mend things that are broken. It steps over the shards and starts building something new. The brain believes that if we look at things from closer up, we will understand them better. Intuition does the very opposite. It forces us to look from further away, allowing us to see things from in broader context. The brain teaches us to believe all the people who are influencing it; parents, teachers, manipulative friends. All those who are telling us what to think. Unfortunately, what we really think only occasionally corresponds with what we wish for. 

Intuition is our wish. If we follow our intuition, we wake up happy and full of energy in the morning; we have something to be excited about. At that moment the brain doesn’t have much left to say. How can something that makes us happy be wrong?


(Lives in the past)

I feel sorry for people who think that the best is already in the past. Thinking this way means that sooner or later it will be true. 

Imagine a ship on the open sea. In stormy waves. Lightning. Thunder. The captain opens the log-book and starts reading old notes: No wind. Sunny. Ideal. The captain is delighting in what used to be, complaining about what is right now while his wheel is turning with no control. The ship is not being steered, it is uncontrolled, the waves are playing with it as if it was a puppet. Is it the ship´s fault? Is it the waves´fault? Or is it the captain´s fault?

Those who are in love with the past are trying to keep us in the past as well. They want us to let go of the wheel. I like memories; I draw experience from them. But anytime I need to move forward, the first thing I need to do, is to accept the fact that what used to be is over now. What used to be does not lead anywhere. If we want to open the door to the future, we first have to close the door to the past. What does this mean?

To overcome our sorrow; to forget why we cried and what caused our pain. In other words, to accept what used to be as an unchanging fact. Until we deal with it, until we feel that we have moved on or we have thoughts for revenge, we focus on the past. Let ´s understand the nature of actions. Let´s understand that we do not have to bother ourselves with things we cannot influence. And let´s try to use everything we can influence for our benefit. If we make a mistake, let´s learn from it. But most of all, let´s hold the wheel.

Life is like a book. What matters is not the first chapter, but the last one. That decides the perception we take from it. That decides our feelings, how well we wrote it. If we do not like today´s chapter of our life we can just turn the page. What will we see? A blank page. No lines, words, or letters. They will be written by our next act.

Let´s not be confused because we are afraid to take some steps; that we do not feel prepared; that we are hesitant to let some people leave our life. Let´s believe that we are not the only ones to have such feelings. Each of us had to learn to handle these moments. Successful people do not fall from the sky. They grow from unsuccessful ones who, however, did not accept failure; they simply told themselves one day: „What do I have to change first in order to grow?“ 

© Petr Casanova